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Is it spring yet?!

Well, judging by the good 2feet of snow on the grass and the large mountains taking up several spaces in just about every parking lot, decidedly not so. But that’s not keeping me from getting the springtime garden-jitters.  I’m planning to move out of my pop’s house into an apartment in the middle of summer pretty much so at that point I’ll be pretty sol when it comes to garden stuff, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help out the step-mom with her garden endeavors!

When we moved into this house, they cleared up a nice 2×5 space behind the garage for foodstuffs, which is what I’m interested in. (Step-mom does have a butterfly garden as well as plants along the front and side of the house.  And while I intend to help in the planting and such of those I’m more interested in the food :U)  Last year when I arrived in august they had tomatoes, green peppers, and strawberries.  I don’t know if there was anything else earlier or not. I heard at one point they did squash and they grew across the whole yard!

So lately I’ve been thinking of what to grow this year, also thinking of what perhaps I could start in this house and take with me when I move, which of course means container gardening! I’ve already been looking into what foodstuffs can be grown in containers. I already have experience with greenbeans and cherry tomatoes from when I lived with my grandmother though I’ll be honest I’m not too fond of either of those. I’ll eat them (oh will I eat them) but they aren’t exactly my favorites P:  So I did a little research on what can be grown in containers vs what I like to eat and came up with the following list!

Lemon Balm

I suppose you’ll notice the number of herbs kind of overwhelms the number of actual fruits or veggies but that’s because they take a little less room and are a little easier to grow indoors. At least, that’s what I’ve heard, I guess we’ll find out haha. Also I’ll admit I added a few of these because I love them in Tea (Lemonbalm especially) and for medicinal purposes (Feverfew helps headaches), and for general magic stuff (Rosemary and Sage for example).  Of course I don’t expect to be growing ALL of these, that’s 17 different pots and plants and I frankly just don’t think I’ll have the room or window space for all that.  Although I won’t know more until I have the apartment haha. But in the mean time I think I’ll just pick one and start there haha.

What about you? Do you garden? What are you planning to grow this year?

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