Writing The Second Draft

Documenting the Journey as I become who I want to be.

Who’s Who?

So I will often mention people using their titles as opposed to names. I understand that this can be somewhat confusing so here’s a handy guide of who i’m talking about with each title.

The Artist: My oldest friend. 27. She does the professional art thing in Detroit and makes a living doing what she loves. I’m super jealous tbh but she’s worked hard for as long as I’ve known her and I’m also mega proud of her.

The Teacher: My 2nd oldest friend. 26. She is in Atlanta and currently schooling for the whole teaching bsns. She plans to be a special needs teacher. I’ve always been impressed with her ability to adapt and also take-no-shit.

The Translator: My Girlfriend! We’ve been together 2 years! Very exciting ouo. She is the pun queen and an absolute riot. She tends to really go-go-go so I love when we get to just hang out and enjoy eachother’s company. She’s seriously the sweetest person ever there’s absolutely zero hateful bones in her body.

The Game Designer: My Girlfriend! We’ve been together nearly a year (Not officially tho, bc i’m a dumbass we’ve only been officially together ~ 1 month). She’s always introducing me to new shows and games. I love listening to her talk about games and things she enjoys she just lights up and it’s wonderful.

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