Writing The Second Draft

Documenting the Journey as I become who I want to be.


Name’s Seth and I’m a 26 year old NOC Tech who blogs during the week when not gaming.

I am

  • an aspiring craftsman, hoping to delve into woodworking and blacksmithing as well as learning many other crafts. I also hope to learn to hunt deer eventually, I may have to start with jack rabbits in the SoCal mountains.
  • a survivalist, that is, someone who is preparing their home and family to be ready in case of a major disaster.
  • heathen, a worshiper of the Norse pantheon, especially Freyja, Thor, and Odin. On this same token I am an erilaz, that is, a runecaster, I use the runes for magic and divination.
  • trans. I am a transman, ftm,  that is I am transitioning from female to male. I am in the process of shifting towards presenting as more male offline as well, please use male pronouns and so on. I am a man.  I’ve been on T (Testosterone)  for about 5 months (I’m currently not on it bc of a recent move which I’m just getting established with new doctors) and I have not had any surgeries.

I plan to write about my adventures with crafting, hunting, prepping, outdoors stuff, magic, heathenry, as well as document my transition and my fitness stuff. I will ideally write once a week, on the weekends.

This blog is titled Writing The Second Draft because, in a sense that’s what I’m doing with my life and existence. I, don’t like who I am right now so I’m fixing it. I’m working towards becoming who I want to be.

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