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Michigan Renaissance Festival!

So, on September 14th I went with my brothers and a couple of their friends to the Michigan Renaissance Festival for the very first time… and it was just ridiculously awesome. I’ve wanted to go since I first heard about it when I went to highschool out here, but for reasons of money and transportation I was never able to go. So I was pretty excited at the prospect when I heard that it was coming up. I would have liked to dress up and such, but I didn’t have that much to spend beforehand and had to save up so that I could get some stuff at the actual event too.  In the end I spent about a hundred bucks (Including ticket and gas money) and it was worth every penny.  The first thing I did, of course, was purchase a drinking horn and something to drink from it haha! I found a beer I enjoyed (Killian’s Irish Red) and we wandered about to take in all the sights. We hadn’t gotten there in time to see any of the shows, so I sort of go the barebones tour. But it was really nice not to be rushed by schedules to see different things and just to kind of enjoy the atmosphere.

My phone died before we got there unfortunately so I didn’t get any pictures of anything. But it was amazing. So much bigger than I thought it would be. We looked in a lot of the little shops but I knew I didn’t want to spend too much money so I kind of held myself back from looking everywhere. We mostly looked in the leather shops and the weapons shops. One store there had just beautiful swords and I would’ve loved to take one home with me but the cost was more than I’d prepared for this year (200ish), maybe I’ll have that much saved by next year… And there was a pretty nice axe too but that was about 300 and to be honest I think I could make my own for that much. Now I admit it wouldn’t be nearly as pretty but I’d probably feel a lot more comfortable chopping wood with it haha.

As far as food went, we’d eaten before we left as we were expecting food to be expensive, which actually the prices were about what I’d expect to pay in CA as a normal price so I was pleasantly surprised on that front! At one point I tried to get a turkey leg I’d seen people carrying around but the stall we found was all sold out! In sadness and hunger I went to the next stall and bought what they had, which was a hamburger. Surprisingly good quality for this kind of event though!

Then we found the archery lanes and I shot an arrow for the first time! It was pretty cool, they had a bunch of lanes and a bunch of bows and arrows and you pay for the number of arrows you use.  it was only $2 for 5 arrows  so that’s what I did.  My brother gave me a little instruction on how to hold and nock the arrow and told me to do like he’d shown me to do with the bow I bought from him. I missed my target on every arrow but the last. With the last one I finally hit it so I was pretty pleased haha. My interest has been severely renewed and so I’m checking my budget to see if I can get some arrows and some range time though I probably won’t be able to until next month.

It was very exciting though and I can’t wait to go again!

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