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I am a badass

Alright, you don’t know me but suffice to say, I am a badass.  I’ll give you a little bit of background so you’re not completely lost before I put up my About page.  I’m Seth, 24 years old, and I recently moved halfway across the country to a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

I’ve been here for about… three weeks, I guess, but this week I procured and started my first job.  That’s right, my first job ever. Now, you might be thinking “Isn’t 24 a little late to be just getting your first job?” and you might be right. But I did do my stint in college for a while, although it didn’t exactly agree with me for reasons that will be expounded upon at a later date I’m sure.

In any case, finding a job isn’t why I’m a badass, I’ll be honest, my pops actually got me in to this location.  He works as a programmer and I was brought in to test software for what we’re working on. Which I will tell y’all about when it’s done and I’ll point you to where you can get your hands on some if it’s the kinda thing you need but I digress.

No, I’m a badass because I’ve been on the job 9-5, for two days. I went in a couple half days earlier in the week, helped out a little just to see if the bossman would find me useful and decide to hire me.  Tuesday pops said he was kinda waffling so I didn’t go in wednesday, y’know, give them a day to miss me P: . Well, it worked. Pops comes home that evening and says “Hey, <Bossman> wants you in 9am tomorrow.”

Thursday morning I go in and we talk, make a plan that I’ll come in 3 days a week for software testing and whatever else they happen to need and if I could pick up some of the programming language and help with that, that’d be great. So I spend thursday connecting computer networks and learning some XML,  pops has the Java covered but can’t seem to pick up the XML dialect of Android for the layouts to look proper.

It takes me most of the day but, staff of doom, I got this. Anyways I go in on Friday and we discuss my direction with the company before I get some additional tasks for the day.  So I get my shit done, connect printers, code some XML, test the software, debug, write up some information,  etc. My co-workers, there’s only two of them (aside from my pops),  didn’t show up today. This isn’t new and, from what I’ve been hearing, happens quite a lot. So they’re starting to get on the Bossman’s shitlist and I’m looking pretty damn good right about now. Bossman turns to me and tells me that he wants me in every day next week, and that I’m getting promoted to General Administrative Manager (fancy title) and that he’s gonna count on me to keep things in order and that basically I’ll be boss to the two that didn’t show today. As well as additional responsibilities, helping customers, etc.

So while this could just be ploy to light a fire under the asses of his other workers, I’m still getting double the hours I was gonna get and well, let’s get to the point:

Promotion to management position, after 2 days’ work, on my first (ever) job. 

Hello, my name’s Seth and yessir, I am a badass.


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